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Heather Barnett is an interdisciplinary artist and educator, working with biological systems, imaging technologies and intelligent organisms...


TED blog 

Heather spoke at FT Innovate inviting the corporate world to look to the slime mould as a potential model for organisational behaviour. You can watch the talk and see the 'Being Slime Mould' experiment here.

Other recent talks include a guest lecture at Overgaden, Copenhagen, and a TED talk on the art and science of slime mould.




Artist in Restaurant 2014

L'Autre Pied restaurant, London

During Summer 2014 Heather was Artist in Restaurant at Michelin-starred restaurant L'Autre Pied in London.

The resulting works can be seen at the restaurant from 6 November until Sprng next year - pop in 3.30-5.30pm daily or treat yourself to a bargain 2 course lunch.


future human



Broad Vision: Future Human
GV art gallery London

Future Human plays with the possible, the probable and the implausible through an exhibition of interdisciplinary artworks, experiments and speculative designs, with an accompanying programme of workshops, demonstrations and talks.

6-28 June 2014




Being Slime Mould: observation / simulation / enactment

As part of the Biodesign exhibit at The New Institute, Being Slime Mould invites us to learn from the simple yet complex Physarum polycephalum—‘the many headed’ slime mould.

Sept 2013 - Jan 2014




Proto... Meta... Intra...

Postgraduate Medical Institute
Art Commission, Anglia Ruskin University

Installation complete for the Postgraduate Medical Institute at Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford - working with medical research groups, including Bioengineering and Cancer Control, and produced in collaboration with Karl Kjelstrup-Johnson (Skin Graph)





The Physarum Experiments
An ongoing collaboration with the intelligent organism, Physarum polycephalum, a true slime mould...

The Slime Mould Collective
Join the international network for artists and scientists who share an interest in slime mould at slimoco.ning.com

See the animated 'drawing' experiments with slime mould on YOU TUBE.

See The Physarum Experiments project page




Check out micro-designs, bringing together a broad range of microscopy inspired wallpaper and textile designs in one collection.

Link to Site


Being Slime Mould


Being Slime Mould: Talk & Embodied Experiment

at Open Embodiments
16 April 2015


Broad Vision: Wired Up

Arebyte Gallery

28/29 May 2015

In Visible Substance

Results of Artist in Restaurant residency at L'Autre Pied

6 November 2014 - Spring 2015




Broad Vision:
Inspired by... Images from Science

Broad Vision Inspired by

The second publication from the Broad Vision art/science research project


Broad Vision:
the art & science of looking

A valuable case study for inquiry based art/science education.
Buy direct from Amazon

Cutting Edge of Wallpaper

Check out the Black Dog book, featuring: Cellular Wallpaper, Living Room & Rooted

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